EIT-ICT thematic workshops

In this collaboration with EIT-ICT and Telekom Innovation Laboratories, two workshops were held that brought together international experts in the field of electronic textiles as well as sustainable & participatory design.

The Connected Textiles workshop revealed that there is a huge potential of experimenting with textile production techniques for electronic applications, so that both domains are integrated rather than merely combined. Furthermore, the more interesting research areas to apply e-textiles are not in fashion, where textiles get augmented, but rather where a textile artifact can efficiently replace a non-textile object.
Future research direction thus include:
• The development of genuinely textile in- and output elements
• The contextualization of existing textile interfaces into useful application contexts.

In the Living Lab Networked Neighborhood workshop the main objective lay on establishing common ground regarding a participatory design methodology for digital sustainable cities. Experts from various fields including architecture, urban planning, design and sociology attended the workshop in order to work on how to approach design processes from a participatory stance.
Important outcomes and future research directions include:
• The development of a common methodology for sustainable ICT innovations in an urban context
• Further knowledge exchange between the partners Aalto University, TU Eindhoven and Telekom Innovation Laboratories for a more user-centered research and design process

Lunchbreak discussions.

Connected Textiles workshop group.

Networked Neighborhood workshop participants.

Commentary wall of Networked Neighborhood workshop