Wearable M2M

E-Textiles is an area with a lot of interesting innovation, but the different professions in the field (such as e.g. fashion, interface and service design) do not yet interlink very well. This is partly due to the lack of appropriate tools and interfaces to connect them properly.

In the project „Wearable M2M“, we designed and implemented an open source app for quick and easy development of mobile services for electronic textiles, which is now available in the Apple app store. Our partner for the software development was the chair of applied software engineering at TU Munich. We also produced a custom micro controller based on the Arduino Lilypad. The circuit and layout are also available under a Creative Commons license.

We also created two versions of an interactive wearable textile as proof-of-concept for a product service system for electronic textiles. The basic scenario for the application was a scavenger hunt for pedestrians. The wearable was set up to guide the wearer though the city, indicating the direction with small vibration motors. We constructed two versions of the wearable, a hat and a pullover. The DAI Labor implemented a demonstrator software for the scavenger hunt that uses GPS data for the navigation.

The project ran in 2012 and was funded by Telekom Innovation Laboratories.

The electronic interior of the interactive hat.

The navigation pullover.