Sound Headband

The textile speaker headband is a demonstration of how textile switches and actuators can be integrated into one single interactive object. The headband has been knitted in one piece, integrating the two speaker coils and pouches for the neodymium magnets as well as the two flap switches on top of the speakers into the knitting pattern. Connections to the electronics patch at the back of the head are also integrated. An ATTiny micro controller, two transistors that serve as amplifiers, and the batteries are assembled on to a neoprene patch that is attached to the head band at the back of the head. The patch is fastened with snap buttons and can be easily put on and off. The head band is knit with elasthane to make sure it fits any size of head.
The speakers play a little melody as long as the flap switch hanging on top of the speaker is closed. When the wearer lifts the flap switch, the melody stops. When the flap is closed, the melody continues.

This research has been conducted as part of the „Connected Textiles“ activity funded by EIT ICT Labs.

The patch with the micrcontroller and amplifier is on the back of the head.

Lifting the ear flaps will start the sound.

Pulling down the flap will stop the sound.