Roll-up Interface

The Rollup Interface is a conceptual interactive textile that we designed as part of the UHCI (Universal Home Control Interface) project. It explores the possibilities to use textile design and textile interaction in combination to create a new and foreign interactive object.

We started to explore the textile interaction of rolling up a piece of fabric with a simple assembled prototype. The prototype has one broad strip of very conductive fabric on one side and two strips of less conductive fabric on the other. Once the cloth is rolled up, the broad fabric from one side acts as a contact between the two narrow stripes. The decreasing distance between the two contacts can be measured as an analog value by the attached micro controller. In another iteration, we designed a weaving pattern for a multi-layered fabric that corresponds to the assembled version. A middle layer separates the two outer layers with a very conductive copper thread on one side and a less conductive silver-plated polymer thread on the other.

The assembled version of the interface.

Rolling up the cloth can be interpreted as an analog sensor.

The woven version of the rollup interface.

The woven version with the conductive copper threads on top.