WM2M: Navigation Hat

In the project Wearable M2M, we designed an open source software that allows designers and users to easily change the functionality of their electronic textiles. We used an application scenario on navigation as a test case to come up with requirements for the software. The scenario also served as a proof-of-concept of the interplay of textile hardware and mobile software.

The hat was the first form that we developed for the navigation app. It is a custom made felt hat with a lining on the inside that hosts the electronic parts. A compass on top of the head measures the line of gaze. Eight vibration motors around the head can indicate a direction. A micro controller is used to exchange data with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The sensor values are interpreted in the mobile app, which also sends the signals to activate the vibration motors.

As a case study for the e-Textile SDK, we developed an interactive hat.

The hat can give its user a sense of direction.

While on the go, the user will only interact with the hat, not with the phone.

If necessary, the phone provides the necessary interface and details.