Mit-Mach-Stadt Brandis

A project within the “Innovative Municipality” award (Innovationskommune Sachsen), 

January 2016-February 2017,

funded by the Municipality Brandis and the Ministry of Interior Saxony (Sächsisches Ministerium für Inneres, SMI)


The project addresses new forms of civic participation focussing on social and digital connectedness. The goal is to co-design an inclusive, digital society. 

During the process several questions emerged: How can we encourage participation, facilitate exchange and create more transparent processes between municipalities and citizens? Which opportunities do citizens have to increase the livability of their city in a self-organizing way? How can we create a just and fulfilled coexistence? Which structures can be strengthened by the municipality and which role plays the digitalization therein?

To find out which structures need to be strengthened or “reassembled” (Latour, 2005), we conducted a range of activities: on-site visits, participatory workshops with inhabitants, interventions in public space. Out of this we have developed key issues and a participatory infrastructure with new and existing communication tools. This structure we handed over to the citizens in February 2017. The “time after project time” (Ehn, 2009) will be evaluated soon.

For more information please visit our project blog [in German].


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Living Lab in Brandis


Video documentation of the public installation

Brandiser Geschichten: Herr Israel