Sensor Sample Book

The Interactive Knit Book demonstrates examples of knitted electronic elements such as switches, sensors, speakers, and heat elements that cause color change. The book is made up of individual pages that demonstrate different samples of knit electronic elements. In order to demonstrate the knit samples each page contains a simple demo circuit to illustrate the capability of each knit sample. The electrical traces of the circuits are made from copper tape that has been applied on the inner side of the pages. Windows cut in the flap of each page show the various elements of each circuit, without showing the connections between them. This was done so as to draw the attention to the knit samples and not to the complexity of the circuitry used to demonstrate it. Each page can easily be folded opened to reveal the behind the scenes circuitry. Additional electrical components such as ATtiny microcontrollers, LED lights, speakers and resistors are used to create the functioning demos.

The power supply is given by a 3.7V LiPo battery. The battery has been mounted on a wood platform that has magnets press-fit into holes cut out of the wood. The battery has been covered in hot-glue to encapsule it, though this could be made prettier by casting it in resin. The binding of the book contains a footprint for the magnetic battery connections with cable that can be connected to a LiPo charger for charging.

Samples in the book include a capacitive touch pattern, a capacitive swipe pattern, a thermochromic patch with heating yarn underneath, a knit speaker coil with a neodymium magnet underneath, a flip switch, two variations of knit pressure switches, a pressure-sensitive relief pattern matrix, and a self-folding curtain switch.

This research was conducted as part of the „Connected Textiles“ activity that was funded by the EIT ICT Labs.