Emergency Apparel

Emergency Apparel is a follow-up to the Knit Alarm functional model that we constructed as a feasibility study for a textile that could be used to trigger an alarm in case of medical emergencies. While the first version of the emergency wearable was knit, the new version is a tailored blazer where the electric connections are integrated into the lining. The two pocket flaps on the front have a conductive cover, and there are narrow stripes from conductive fabric on top of the flaps. Pressing both flaps firmly up and onto the blazer front activates the alarm. This is to avoid that the alarm can accidentally triggered.
The electronics are hosted in the left pocket of the jacket and contain a micro controller, power supply, and a bluetooth model for connection to a mobile phone. The blazer has an inner pocket to host the mobile device. The battery can be easily removed, as it uses an inductive coil for power transfer. So far the Emergency Apparel works with a custom Android application that allows the user to pick a favorite contact from their address book on the phone and to manage the bluetooth connection.

The micro controller patch is hidden in the left front pocket.

Lifting the pocket flaps triggers the alarm signal.

The front pocket flaps and contacts.

A LED stripe is hidden underneath a blind pocket.