The aim of DAAN is to develop an assistive, technical system to provide daily support to users with impaired cognitive abilities or physical challenges. By identifying the behavioral patterns of the users, the system can detect deviations from these patterns and give support to the user carrying out the actions.

DAAN addresses the not yet widely examined question of how ambient notification can be used in order to assist certain actions, and how these notifications can be implemented into objects and garments. The project focuses on helping users cope with everyday tasks and activities without restricting their autonomy.

The role of the Design Research Lab in this project is to conduct iterative studies with potential users throughout the design process to ensure that the system corresponds to their real needs, as well as to design and develop smart textile prototypes that can work as input and output interfaces within the system.

DAAN is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Partners: DFKI GmbH, Deutsche Telekom AG, IXDS GmbH, Universität Stuttgart, Intuitiy Media Lab