CTS Gauntlet ver.2

Based on a functional model that we made as part of the EIT ICT activity „Connected Textiles“, this gauntlet is made to measure strain on the outer and inner side of the wrist, which is particularly painful for patient with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). In this version, the textile part with the sensors on the wrist and back of the hand is knit on an industrial knitting machine in full jacquard technique. This means that the black and white houndstooth pattern is directly inverted on the inside of the gauntlet. The sensor material thus only surfaces on the outer side of the gauntlet and does not come in contact with the skin. The electric connections are between the two knit layers.
Three small snap buttons make contact to a flexible wrist band that holds the electronic components. A small micro controller interprets the sensor data and triggers a signal if they go above threshold for a longer period of time. In this case, a LED starts blinking and alternatively a buzzer makes a warning sound. The wristband can also be equipped with a bluetooth module to send the data to a computer or a mobile device for visualization and data storage.

The knitted part has been produced in the knit workshop at Borås School of Textiles, Sweden.
The electronic wristband was designed and constructed by Hannah Perner Wilson.

The knitted sensor gauntlet and electronic wristband.

The wristband with snap buttons and coincell battery.

Activating the lower sensor.

Activating the upper sensor.

Video on the functions of the gauntlet.