Community Now?

Conflicts, Interventions, New Publics (2013-2016)

Community Now? is an interdisciplinary research project between the German Society for Design Theory and Research (DGTF), the Design Research Lab/UdK and the Academy for Art and Design, funded by the Future Forum Foundation (DIZF) and in partnership with the Jewish Museum Berlin, Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv and Hansen Center Jerusalem. What does intercultural Community Building mean today? How can we connect engaged communities from Jerusalem and Berlin? The aim of the project is to develop, together with existing civic initiatives, design tools and strategies that strengthen the structures of the communities and give them a new public. Through digital formats and local interventions like Living Labs, “Community Now?” develops alternative ways of empowerment and political participation. Beyond the familiar themes of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany, we are interested in the understanding of individual citizens and in their commitment. We aim to establish students tandem and a interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, artists, scientists, public institutions and civil society initiatives. The results lead to exhibitions, interventions in public space and in the museum context, Living Labs, interdisciplinary symposia in Berlin and Jerusalem as well as in a subsequent publication.

Documentation (2013-2015): Community Now? (PDF)

Video documentation symposium 2015 at the Jewish Museum Berlin:
The Politics of Participatory Design

Video documentation Long Table Event @ Mehringplatz:
Concepts of Living Lab

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German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation (DIZF)

Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb)