Citizens Connect Neighborhoods: Social Living Labs in NRW

The aim of the project is to promote an experimental landscape for active participation processes and to support neighborhoods and bottom-up initiatives in dealing with digitalization.
Initiatives situated in North Rhine-Westphalia were called upon to apply to participate in the project – 12 were selected in the end and have now, since October 2016, participated in the ongoing model project to support the neighborhood development team with digitization. We evaluate and help implementing the respective goals of the individual neighborhood initiatives involved and do so with tailored tools, communication instruments, platforms and participatory methods – to develop these (further) in an iterative process and to accompany the initiatives with scientific study.

Funded by: the Ministry of Urban Development of North Rhine-Westphalia

Webseite Modellprojekt

Please find here a recent guest article (in German language) about the project in “A Guide for Civil Society” (wegweiser bürgergesellschaft) of the Stiftung Mitarbeit:




Kickoff-Workshop in Moers

Vertreter/innen der Bürgerwerkstätten auf der Jahrestagung NRW, mit Bianca Herlo

Bianca Herlo presents the project to minister Groschek and participants from all over NRW.