Dr. Tincuta Heinzel

Following Visual Arts and Cultural Anthropology studies in Cluj (Romania), Tincuta completed in 2012 her PhD thesis at Paris 1 University (France).

She joined the Design Research Lab in August 2013 to work on the UHCI – Universal Home Control Interfaces Project and focuses on the integration of electronic textiles in domestic contexts.


Analogue and Digital Figures of Reading

Heinzel, Tincuta (2012): Analogue and Digital Figures of Reading. In: Berzina, Zane; Junge, Barbara; Scheiffele, Walter; Westerverld, Wim; Zwick, Carola (eds.): The Digital Turn. Design in the Era of Interactive Technologies. Park Books / eLab – Weissensee Academy of Art, Berlin, 2012, p. 274-279