Miriam Lahusen

Miriam Lahusen joined the Design Research Lab in 2013. In her capacity as junior researcher, she is involved in the project energy sufficiency where she investigates ways of reducing the consumption of energy. Applying participatory design methods, her research focusses at wicked problems that occur when sustainabily strategies are implemented in daily life.

Miriam has already conducted a research project for Design Research Lab: in Schrottküche, she worked with adolescents to explore the use and waste of communication technology. Apart from her research, she has realised different educational and design projects at several public institutions, including theaters, schools, and youth clubs. In 2011, Miriam graduated as Meisterschüler from the Weißensee Academy of Art, Berlin; previously, she studied textile and surface design at Weißensee, the ISDI Design Institute in Havana, Cuba, and the Academy of Art in Casablanca, Morocco.