Design Research Colloquium (WS 2016/17)

October 7, 2016, posted in Lectures
Dear friends of the Design Research Colloquium*, after a hot summer break, the colloquium will be back again soon! Looking forward to seeing you again on the following dates: 20.10.2016        Short Introduction for our new students. 03.11.2016         Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost 10.11.2016          Obi Felten (Google x) 17.11.2016           Alexander Müller-Rakow 01.12.2016          Florian Sametinger 15.12.2016

Design Research Colloquium: A first Glimpse into Design Research’s “why” and “how”.

April 19, 2016, posted in Lectures
Dear all, a new semester has started. Welcome to a new round of our Design Research Colloquium.  In our first session on Thursday, 21st of April, Tom Bieling will talk about different forms and practices of Design Research. The session is going to cover a spectrum of different concepts and perspectives from design theory, practice and methodology. He will also talk about “normative design” and the impossibility of technology to be neutral. The aim is to get a first glimpse