Embodied Interaction

Weekly Colloquium

May 6, 2015, posted in Embodied Interaction
Dear friends of the colloquium, tomorrow we will have our last pracical based session, where we will get to know Cultural Probes and learn how to adapt them to a specific context. We start as usual at 9:30 a.m., room 217, Einsteinufer 43.

Video Documentary: CLOSER

April 30, 2015, posted in Embodied Interaction
A short video documentary about our research project CLOSER is finished It explores new forms of interaction through touch and gestures, overcomes conventional interfaces, investigates the meaning of interpersonal touch and examines the potential for tactile communication in health care and human computer interaction. Prototypes are explored in order to project future scenarios with our skin and body as a means of embodied interaction. Team: Alexander