No colloquium during semester break

July 24, 2014, posted in News & Events
The first Design Research Colloquium after the semester break will be on October 16th. Have a nice summer!

“Zero Emission Home” (Presentation)

July 23, 2014, posted in News & Events
The public presentations of our current user-centered Methodenkompaktkurs "Zero Emission Home" with a group of UdK Students will take place on Friday (25th of July) at 2:00 pm, room 217 and shouldn't take longer than 90 minutes.

Design Research Colloquium: Sharing Systems in Urban Infrastructures

July 14, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
This week we will talk about sharing systems as new urban infrastructures. I will present the book "What's mine is your's" by R.Botsman and R. Rogan. There is no text to be read in advanced, but the more to discuss afterwards.

Workshopreihe zum Thema Zuhause: Teilnehmer gesucht

July 14, 2014, posted in Embodied Interaction
Wo hört unser Wohnraum auf, wieviel Platz braucht unsere Privatsphäre? Wir suchen Mitstreiter für eine Expedition, auf der wir diskutieren und gemeinsam kreativ sind. Inspirieren lassen wir uns dabei von der Festivalsaison, der asiatischen Wohnkultur und vielem mehr. Read more...

Design Research Colloquium: “Digital fabrication and the global Fab Lab Network”.

July 8, 2014, posted in
On Thursday Wolf Jeschonnek will talk about Fab Labs, Digital fabrication and the global Fab Lab Network.Wolf Jeschonnek is a designer temporary teacher at Weißensee School of Art and founder of Fab Lab Berlin. He has 3 years of working and teaching experience in Digital Fabrication and has analyzed commercial models, educational attempts and work routines in US-American Fab Labs, hacker's spaces and Techshops in

Zero Emission Home (Methodenkompaktkurs, UdK, 5. Semester)

June 26, 2014, posted in
Die Gesamtenergie in einem abgeschlossenen System bleibt konstant, heißt es im Energieerhaltungssatz in der Physik. Dieses unumstößliche Gesetz klingt wunderbar harmonisch, obwohl es doch gravierende Ungleichgewichte beherbergen kann. Benötigt ein Systemteil mehr Energie als vorhanden, kommt es unweigerlich zu Defiziten bei anderen Teilen. Damit befinden wir uns mitten in der Nachhaltigkeitsdebatte, wie viel Energie wer verbrauchen darf. Read more...

Weekly Colloquium: »Urban Planning and Democracy« (1957) by Lucius Burckhardt

June 24, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
The weekly colloquium will discuss the text »Urban Planning and Democracy« (1957) written by the Swiss sociologist, art historian and economist Lucius Burckhardt (1925 – 2003). It is one excerpt of the 2012 published compilation »Lucius Burckhardts Writings – Rethinking Man-made Environments« edited by Jesko Fezer and Martin Schmitz.


June 13, 2014, posted in News & Events
Watch the Trailer!

No Colloquium tomorrow!

June 12, 2014, posted in News & Events
The Colloquium for June 19 had to be canceled. See you next week!

Upcoming Talk: From smart cities to engaged citizens

May 31, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
From smart cities to engaged citizens DIY Networking, urban interaction design, and being together in the hybrid city The virtual space created through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) overlays more and more closely the physical space of cities, contributing in the formation of a new hybrid space. Our ambitious goal is to provide concrete tools (analytical, conceptual, and Read more...