December 15, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Last week, we have presented the projection from the Pinpointing Mehringplatz at the Neighborhood Event ‘Winterfest’ in Mehringplatz. During the event, neighbors had the chance to add their comments to the pictures and previously collected entries. Was a lot of fun! Our next neighborhood workshop will be on January 16th, 2015 at Mehringplatz, at 17:00. Come and join!

Stop Motion: The Community Platform

December 12, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
The video illustrates the concept of a Community Platform which offers different levels of access and involvement, fuelling community-engagement with an online-offline infrastructure. The aim is to create an overarching model for our endeavours, which is to facilitate individuals to organize themselves around a shared issue in a communicative way.

Weekly Colloquium | Lakoff & Johnson »Metaphors we live by« (1980)

December 9, 2014, posted in Embodied Interaction
This week, we'll be going through Lakoff & Johnson's seminal book "Metaphors we live by".

Keynote-Speaker Barbara Meyer at the Community Now Symposium

December 3, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
The Director of the Schlesiche 27 and initiator of the CUCULA project will talk about her strategy to turn a vision into form, how to bundle esthetic and civic education and promote awareness for democracy and participation. Among others, she will present the Refugees Company for Crafts and Design CUCULA and the Juni Park Project. Looking very much forward to it! Community Now: Read more...

Arson attack on the Max Rayne Yad Be Yad Jerusalem School

December 1, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Last Friday at the Willy Brandt Haus, on the occasion of a photo exhibition by the Istanbul photographer Ara Güler, we were invited to present our work within neighborhoods as Fischerinsel Berlin and the 'Community Now?' project, a German-Israeli cooperation. We also talked about Yad Be Yad Jerusalem, a partner within the cooperation. Sadly enough that yesterday we had to hear about the dreadful news. The bilingual school Hand in Hand

Weekly Colloquium | Martijn de Waal »The City as Interface« (2014)

November 18, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
In this week’s colloquium we will start a new overarching topic: we will discuss affective design systems. The affective aspect in the upcoming colloquium will be the question if digital technology fosters or prevents interaction between city dwellers. The basis of the discussion is provided by the introduction of Martijn de Waals dissertation »The City as Interface« (2014, nai010 publishers).

Efrat Meyer at Yad Be Yad Jerusalem

November 14, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Efrat Meyer is one of our speakers at the Community Now Symposium in February. She will talk about her work as a community organizer at the Jewish-Arab School Yad Be Yad in Jerusalem – also regarding the challenges due to the last Gaza War in July and August 2014. During our "Community Now” – Kick-Off Meeting in Israel, Efrat gave us an

Weekly Colloquium: Participatory Design and democratizing innovation

November 4, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Thursday, 6.11.2014, 9.30-11.00: We are going to continue the discussion on Living Labs, especially talk about the Malmö Living Labs and see how participatory design approaches have been conceptualized in an academic context: Erling Björgvinsson, Pelle Ehn, Per-Anders Hillgren Participatory design and 'democratizing innovation' Proceedings of the 11th Biennial Participatory Design Conference. ACM, 2010. Read more...

PAPIERKRAM: Wie sehen Dokumente in Zukunft aus? (Workshop)

October 29, 2014, posted in News & Events
Wie sehen Dokumente in Zukunft aus? Und wie können sie sicher aufbewahrt werden? Seien Sie dabei, wenn wir diese Fragen in einem Co-Creation Workshop bearbeiten und gemeinsam mögliche Dokumentenablagen (von Geburtsurkunden usw.) mit verschiedenen Sicherheitsstufen gestalten. Read more...

Interaktionsdesign für Smart Home und Industrie 4.0 – Kolloquium in München am 5. November 2014

October 20, 2014, posted in Embodied Interaction
Im Rahmen des vom BMWi geförderten Projekts UHCI (Universal Home Control Interface) laden Connected Living und die Serviceplan Gruppe für den 5. November 2014 zu einem Kolloquium "Interaktionsdesign für Smart Home und Industrie 4.0" ein. Im Anschluss findet ein Empfang im wiedereröffneten Showroom der Serviceplan Gruppe statt, wo auch ein Smart Textiles Vorhang von Design Research Lab gezeigt wird. Info + Anmeldung unter :