Video Documentary: CLOSER

April 30, 2015, posted in Embodied Interaction
A short video documentary about our research project CLOSER is finished It explores new forms of interaction through touch and gestures, overcomes conventional interfaces, investigates the meaning of interpersonal touch and examines the potential for tactile communication in health care and human computer interaction. Prototypes are explored in order to project future scenarios with our skin and body as a means of embodied interaction. Team: Alexander

Kompaktkurs I Public Home I Susanne Hausstein / Miriam Lahusen

April 29, 2015, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Nudging ist das Wort der Stunde. Statt Ge- und Verboten sollen kleine Stupser das Verhalten der Bevölkerung in die „richtige“ Richtung stupsen. Es bleibt jedem selbst überlassen, dem nach zu geben oder das Gegenteil zu tun. Ist ein subtiler Eingriff in Alltagsentscheidungen legitim, weil Gesellschaft ohnehin manipuliert oder handelt es sich um nicht zulässige Methoden? Wie weit reicht die Verantwortung für die soziale Gemeinschaft und

Weekly Colloquium | Hands On Methods

April 29, 2015, posted in News & Events
Dear friends of the colloquium, next thursday we will continue with another practical based method analysis. Happy to have you here, as usual @9:30 a.m. room 217, Einsteinufer 43

Long Table Event / Community Now? on vimeo

February 17, 2015, posted in Civic Infrastructures
In June 2014, we had several workshops, a rich program with the exchange students from Bezalel, and a Long Table Event. There where project presentations, discussions and workshops on concepts of Living Lab. With guests from different disciplines as ethnology, urban planning, social studies, the event aimed to focus on a concept of Living Lab that we integrate in our research work, as part of

Kompaktkurs I The Politics of Objects

February 3, 2015, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Do objects have politics? Perhaps in the way that they are viewed, or used, or in the way that they go beyond what we intend with them to become political in their own right? How do they attempt to convince us with their ideologies and agendas? When do things create alliances, form cartels, and emerge in a sphere of politics parallel to ours? In this one-week

Kompaktkurs I Trashdesign

February 3, 2015, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg? Was macht den Moment aus, der einem Gegenstand die Klassifizierung „Müll“ verschafft? Sterben Objekte, wenn sie zu Müll werden und wenn ja: Was kommt danach? Wiedergeburt durch Re- oder gar Upcycling? Oder ist der Mülltod erst der Anfang einer anarchistischen Reise aus Auflösung, Metamorphose und Entstehung neuer Symbiosen? In diesem Kompaktkurs geht es um den organisierten Tod der Dinge

Kompaktkurs I My life, my home, nobody’s business?

February 3, 2015, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Wie gestalte ich ein Kollektiv? STADT ist die Auseinandersetzung mit den Anderen auf engstem Raum. Wir wollen anonym und ganz privat bleiben und gleichzeitig alles teilen. Wir wollen Teil der Community sein und unsere Verbindlichkeiten möglichst unverbindlich gestalten. Doch was heißt das genau? Das urbane Miteinander gerät immer mehr in den Fokus eines neu erweckten Bewusstseins für Soziales Design. Im Seminar besprechen wir Aspekte des

Community Now Symposium 2015: Registration open

December 23, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
WHEN: February 19th – 21st, 2015 WHERE: Jewish Museum Berlin, Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin   The international symposium focusses on emergent issues of bottom-up movements, especially in relation to current social developments in Germany and Israel. Together with guests and projects from all over we explore how to promote processes of active participation and support a sustainable development of communities, their impact on policy making and our everyday


December 15, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
Last week, we have presented the projection from the Pinpointing Mehringplatz at the Neighborhood Event ‘Winterfest’ in Mehringplatz. During the event, neighbors had the chance to add their comments to the pictures and previously collected entries. Was a lot of fun! Our next neighborhood workshop will be on January 16th, 2015 at Mehringplatz, at 17:00. Come and join!

Stop Motion: The Community Platform

December 12, 2014, posted in Civic Infrastructures
The video illustrates the concept of a Community Platform which offers different levels of access and involvement, fuelling community-engagement with an online-offline infrastructure. The aim is to create an overarching model for our endeavours, which is to facilitate individuals to organize themselves around a shared issue in a communicative way.