Archive Projects

October 2017

VVV – A Tool to Support Email Encryption

VVV – A Tool to Support Email Encryption
PowerGrasp – A Robotic Orthosis for Power Assistance

A robot-supported arm-hand-finger-orthosis for power assistance
Installation: Interactive Opinion Boxes @ Museum für Naturkunde

August 2017

CUT//ACT: Video (and) Activism

May 2017


January 2017

Polylogue II

From 26 October until the end of this year’s Biennale, the Greek Pavilion hosted the interactive installation Polylogue II. Designed especially for the Greek Pavilion by a small team of designers, artists and technologists from Berlin working within the MAZI project, the installation aimed at experimenting with the relationship between the pavilion as a place and the 137 architects in Greece, that are members of the pavilion‘s committee as a social “space”.
MAZI – Developing a DIY networking toolkit for location-based collective awareness

The EU-funded research project MAZI (CAPS/H2020) and, within it, the Berlin-based partnership between the Design Research Lab (UdK Berlin) and the Neighborhood Academy/Prinzessinnengarten (Common Grounds e.V.) is exploring the relationships between network technologies, civic action, digital commons and informal learning processes.

September 2016

Arcintex ETN

The Arcintex European Training Network aims to strengthen the foundations of design for more sustainable forms of living by connecting architecture, interaction design and textiles in a training network for early stage researchers.
Visitor participation and enhancement of public engagement with science at the Museum für Naturkunde

Besucherpartizipation im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Citizens Connect Neighborhood: Social Living Labs in NRW

July 2016

NurMut – Interactive Music System for People with Dementia

Interactive Music System for People with Dementia
Industry 4.0 »Smart Maintenance Jacket«

June 2016

»Dear Town Square« installation in Brandis

Dear Town-Square Event in Brandis.

April 2016

Code Week Award 2016

After the success of the "EU Code Week" in October 2014/15 and the first "Code Week Award" in 2015, a new edition is following up to bring the slogan "Every week is code week" to life.

March 2016

Weaving connections at DGTF Conference

In this workshop for the DGTF conference "Reassembling Relationships - People Systems Things" we wove interactive, decorative bands that lit up when tied together, using rigid band looms, silver yarn, leds and batteries.

February 2016

Hybrid Letterbox – Connecting digital strangers

CHEST - Connecting digital strangers
Community Wireless Network Workshop Yafo

Polyloge #1

Polylogue gives space for thoughts, questions, claims and nonsense to stand next to each other, to object, to relate. These messages and their relationships only exist situational: commentaries that were up to date just minutes ago become obliterated after having had a run of approximately two meters – with a pace determined by the density of the conversation.
Open Cities Symposium 12.02.2016