Skin-based interface for interpersonal touch

Skintimacy is an interface that allows for the manipulation of electronic-based processes through touch. Depending on whom you touch, the way your bodies make contact influences the control of both analog instruments and digital setups. We developed Skintimacy by implementing an Arduino microcontroller to transfer data to software platforms in order to provide diverse opportunities for a playful control of audio and video. This kit is intended to facilitate the symbiotic relationship between physical computing and the sense of touch. The straightforward design of the device allows for experimentation in many different contexts. Taking into account the dynamic nature of skin conductivity, which varies individually, one has the possibility to create highly responsive installations.

Further research

To continue our observations of use scenarios, we have manufactured a limited series of Skintimacy DIY-kits. As a co-design study these have been sent to interaction designers, media artists, dancers and engineers. Furthermore, we transferred our insights and experience with tactile interaction to the project Closer.

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Arte Creative, Documentary, 7:14 min

Sound control with Skintimacy